Meet the Lemleys



Just after we first met, we backpacked through Europe and our love for travel and our goal to continue to travel had begun…

We started teaching a few months after we married in August 2002.  We learned so much our first years of teaching in  Savannah, Georgia, USA.

In July 2005, we embarked on our first international teaching post in Lima, Peru at Colegio Roosevelt – The American School of Lima.  We were trained in the MYP and DP and our own teaching philosophies fell in line with the IB programme.  We also fell in love with Peru.  In Peru, we decided to begin our family, and with a wild start to parenthood, Maximo was born.

In August 2009, we moved to Kobe, Japan to teach at Canadian Academy.  The school was just beginning to implement the PYP and MYP and we were confident that we could be assets to the team.  We have had many opportunities over the past five years.  We have learned so much living in Japan and about the amazing culture, although there is always more that remains a mystery.  Again, we expanded our family, and welcomed Lola in 2010.

Please explore our pages to learn more about us!


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